Can I Afford the Book I Helped Author?

Just a quick post to provide a link to a book I helped write a chapter in, although I must admit, I had a bit of sticker shock!

by flipperpa on Feb. 11, 2011, 2:49 p.m.

Multi-User Virtual Environments for the Classroom

The future success of education depends on technological and pedagogical innovation. Unbridled by the physical constraints of both time and space, virtual spaces transcend many limitations of the typical classroom, where learning depends on presence and physicality.

Multi-User Virtual Environments for the Classroom: Practical Approaches to Teaching in Virtual Worlds highlights the work of educators daring enough to teach in these  digital frontiers. Instructors will find cutting-edge teaching ideas in  the theoretical discussions, case studies, and experiments presented in  this book. These insights are applied to variety of subject areas and  pedagogical contexts, including learning foreign languages in virtual  environments, examples which encourage educators to design and develop  new worlds of learning inside the university and beyond.

The part I authored focuses on the 3-D training I put together while working for Crompco, LLC.